CodeWP - AI WordPress Creators AI Code and Chat tools for WordPress creators. Leverage a platform designed and trained for WordPress and popular plugins such as Gutenberg and Elementor.

CodeWP - AI WordPress Creators


What is CodeWP?

CodeWP is an AI-driven platform that offers a wide range of AI technologies for different WordPress requirements such as conversational coding, chat support, troubleshooting, and security scanning.

How can I use CodeWP for free?

Users can access CodeWP's AI services for free up to a certain limit. Subscribing to the platform provides additional benefits and extended access beyond the free usage limits.

Can I generate code snippets using CodeWP?

Certainly! With CodeWP's AI code generation feature, users can generate code snippets, plugins, and more by simply describing their intended outcome.

How many AI modes are available on CodeWP?

CodeWP provides multiple AI modes trained on popular plugins, WordPress code samples, and documentation, enabling the creation of precise code and offering highly accurate responses.

How can I make the most of CodeWP's AI services?

By making use of the daily free allowances of CodeWP's AI services, users can explore a wide range of AI-powered tools to assist with various WordPress tasks.

Will my information be used as training data?

We prioritize user privacy, and your data will not be utilized for training purposes. If necessary, you can delete your account at any time, and all associated data will be erased.

When should I consider getting a CodeWP subscription?

If the free AI services do not meet your requirements and you heavily depend on CodeWP, we recommend subscribing to our cost-effective products.

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