AI Video Generator - Create Videos with HeyGen HeyGen is a cutting-edge video platform utilizing generative AI to simplify video creation. Explore your creative potential with HeyGen, the next frontier in video production.

AI Video Generator - Create Videos with HeyGen


What is HeyGen?

HeyGen is an AI-powered video creation platform that allows users to effortlessly produce studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.

How can I use HeyGen for free?

Every user can utilize HeyGen's AI video creation capabilities for free, with optional subscription plans for additional benefits and extended access.

Can I generate images using HeyGen?

Yes, with HeyGen's AI-powered video creation capabilities, users can create images, sharing credits with AI-generated avatars and voices for a seamless creative experience.

How many avatars are available on HeyGen?

HeyGen offers over 100+ AI avatars spanning various ethnicities, ages, and styles, with the option to create custom avatars.

How can I maximize my use of HeyGen's AI services?

By leveraging HeyGen's daily free uses of AI video creation, users can explore a vast range of AI-powered tools to support various tasks.

Will my information be used for training data?

We highly value user privacy, and your data will not be used for any training purposes. If needed, you can delete your account at any time, and all your data will be removed as well.

When would I need a HeyGen subscription?

If the free AI video creation capabilities do not meet your needs and you heavily rely on HeyGen's AI services, we invite you to subscribe to our affordable products.

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