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AI Image Generator - Create Images with AI Technology


AI Image Generator - ImgCreator.AI

What is ImgCreator.AI?

ImgCreator.AI is an AI-powered platform that provides a wide range of AI technologies for image creation and editing. It can transform text descriptions into images, making it perfect for generating illustrations, anime, and concept design images.

How does ImgCreator.AI work?

ImgCreator.AI utilizes AI algorithms to produce images based on text inputs. Users can input a text description, choose a filter type, and generate an image. The platform also enables users to edit images by providing a text description to modify a specific part of the image.

Can I generate AI images for free?

Yes, ImgCreator.AI offers 30 complimentary images initially, and users can purchase more images if they exhaust their free credits. Moreover, users can earn free images by referring others to ImgCreator.AI.

Features of ImgCreator.AI

  • Generate images from text descriptions
  • Edit images using text descriptions
  • 30 free starting images
  • Option to purchase additional images
  • Referral program for earning free images
  • Access to community gallery
  • 200 images of free storage in history
  • Upgrade to Pro for extra features

Benefits of Logging In

  • Access to image creation
  • 30 bonus credits upon sign-up
  • Access to the community gallery
  • 200 images of free storage in history
  • Upgrade to Pro for additional features

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly Plan: $4.9/month (annual fee: $58.8)
  • Monthly Plan: $14.9/month

Pro Features

  • Removal of daily limit
  • 300 credits per month
  • Resolution up to 1K
  • Generation of 4 images concurrently
  • Magic Journey Filter
  • Unlocking all premium filters
  • Negative Prompt
  • Unlocking all aspect ratios
  • Advanced features like Enhance, Upscale
  • Unlimited cloud storage for history

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