Boost Your Startup's Debut with ShipFast

ShipFast: Swiftly showcase your products to customers using ShipFast, the NextJS template that simplifies the process from idea to launch in only 5 minutes.

Boost Your Startup's Debut with ShipFast

ShipFast -Introduction

ShipFast is the ultimate solution for launching your startup in days, not weeks. This NextJS boilerplate provides all the necessary tools to build your SaaS, AI tool, or any other web app quickly and efficiently. With ShipFast, you can supercharge your app instantly, focusing on building your business rather than integrating APIs. The platform offers everything from handling payments and sending emails at lightspeed to managing user logins and databases seamlessly. Created by Marc Louvion, ShipFast aims to save you time and eliminate headaches typically associated with setting up a new project. With a proven track record of helping indie makers launch startups quickly, ShipFast has gained the trust of over 65,000 people and received accolades such as Product Hunt Maker of the Year 2023. Join the ShipFast community today and experience the transformation in how you ship startups, make money, and succeed in the online business world.

ShipFast -Features

Product Features of ShipFast


ShipFast is a cutting-edge NextJS template crafted to expedite the launch of startups efficiently. It equips users with a comprehensive toolkit to construct a SaaS, AI tool, or any web app swiftly, enabling them to generate online profits within days.

Main Purpose and Target User Group

ShipFast's primary goal is to empower users to kickstart their startups in a matter of days, not weeks. By furnishing a robust NextJS template with vital features like payment processing, database management, user authentication, SEO enhancement, and more, ShipFast caters to entrepreneurs, indie makers, developers, and individuals seeking to initiate their online ventures seamlessly without the complexities of integrating multiple APIs.

Function Details and Operations

  • Establish checkout sessions and manage payment processing webhooks
  • Configure emails using Mailgun and handle subscriptions via Stripe or Lemon Squeezy
  • Employ MongoDB or Supabase for efficient database management
  • Integrate Google OAuth and Magic Links for user authentication
  • Access components, animations, chat capabilities, and GPT prompts for terms and privacy policies
  • Engage with the Discord community for assistance and collaborative opportunities
  • Benefit from perpetual updates and utilize a leaderboard to monitor progress

User Benefits

  • Eliminate redundant code, saving valuable time and streamlining the startup launch process
  • Avail a $100 discount for the initial 3930 customers to jumpstart your project
  • Create countless projects with a one-time payment
  • Receive guidance on minimizing chargebacks and optimizing account setup
  • Connect with a vibrant community of creators for mutual support and networking

Compatibility and Integration

ShipFast seamlessly integrates with React and NextJS, empowering users to tailor their tech stack to their preferences. Users can seamlessly incorporate alternative services like SendGrid, LemonSqueezy, or Postgres to align with their unique requirements.

Customer Feedback and Case Studies

  • Over 3917 indie makers have successfully leveraged ShipFast to expedite their startup launches
  • Testimonials from content users underscore the time-saving advantages and user-friendliness of ShipFast
  • Users have reported substantial revenue growth and successful product launches shortly after adopting ShipFast

Access and Activation Method

To access ShipFast, users can navigate to the official website at ShipFast and select between the Starter or All-in packages based on their preferences. Upon purchase, users will gain entry to the NextJS template, documentation, and the Discord community for continual support and collaboration.

ShipFast -Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get exactly?

  1. The NextJS starter with all the boilerplate code you need to run an online business: a payment system, a database, login, a blog, UI components, and much more. The repo is available in:
    • Javascript and Typescript
    • /app router and /pages router.
  2. The documentation helps you set up your app from scratch, write copy that sells, and ship fast.
  3. Access to our Discord with makers who build fast to stay accountable!

Javascript or Typescript?

Both! You can choose once you get access.

/app router or /pages router?

Both! You can choose once you get access.

My tech stack is different, can I still use it?

Yes, as long as you're comfortable with React & NextJS. Libraries are independent. You can use SendGrid instead of Mailgun, LemonSqueezy instead of Stripe, or Postgres instead of MongoDB, for instance.

Is it a website template?

It's more than just a template. You can copy/paste sections to build your site quickly, like a pricing section, an FAQ, and even an entire blog. You also get a bunch of UI components like buttons, modals, popovers, etc. The NextJS starter also comes with handy tools you need to run an online business—payment processing, emails, SEO, etc.

How is ShipFast better than other boilerplates?

Customers do NOT buy code. Customers buy a life transformation. They ship startups. Every week. And they make $ from it.

Are there any other costs associated?

Many hosting platforms, like Vercel, let you host a project for free (front-end + back-end) and MongoDB/Supabase have free tiers — so you can launch for first app for $0/month. If you use Magic Link sign-ups, you'll spend $1 per 1,000 users.

How often is ShipFast updated?

I ship like a madman & use ShipFast for all my projects, so I'm updating it regularly. Last update 1 month ago.

Can I get a refund?

After you've got access to the repo, ShipFast is yours forever, so it can't be refunded. But rest assured, users of ShipFast ship startups in 7 days on average and make their first $ online in record time.

Can I use PayPal?

Yes! You can send over the USD equivalent of the plan you want to purchase ($169 or $199) to my PayPal account: Once done, please email me your GitHub username so I can give you access to the repo. Please allow a few hours to get access. 45k people trust me on Twitter. I'm not running away with the money 😊

ShipFast -Data Analysis

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